Any favorite moments from this season?

Of course, there is! Submit them here :)

Last night was the season premiere of Rizzoli & Isles!! Woo!! Had a favorite moment? Submit it!!

I’m sorry for the lack of posts everyone. I thought the blog was dead but turns out tumblr doesn’t like giving me notifications. I’ll give this blog another try since it’s coming back very soon but if I don’t get any submissions I’m just going to leave it.

Ok guys,

I’ll have some down time today so I’ll be making as many as I can.  Yesterday there was a new episode of Rizzoli & Isles so if you had a favorite moment submit it! Even if it’s not go ahead and submit anyways! Submit here.

51. LLBFF’s

Season 2 Episode 3

50. Giovanni licking Maura’s face

Season 2 Episode 3

49. Angela’s text

  • *Jane’s phone vibrartes*
    Jane: *reads text* Homie I need a boner. What?!
    *Jane hands phone to Maura*
    Maura: Haha. Spelling erota. Your mother really should proof read.  It’s “honey I need a loner”

Season 2 Episode 3

47. Maura throwing clay at Jane

Season 2 Episode 2

48. You don’t want to sleep with me… you?

  • Jane: Tell me what you have in common with him. Alright, he’s a blue collar, Boston, Italian, auto mechanic.
    Maura: Well so are you. Well, except for being an auto mechanic and we’re best friends.
    Jane: Yes, but I’m interesting. And you don’t want to sleep with me. *Maura give Jane a look*
    Jane: Do you?!
    Maura: No, no! But that’s my point, that’s all I want to do with Giovanni.

Season 2 Episode 3

46. The action figure

Season 2 Episode 2